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Affordable Health Care

With significant changes to the Affordable Care Act on the horizon at the federal level, access to affordable and quality healthcare for residents of District 42, and in all of Maryland, is in jeopardy. Health insurance coverage, which has become more accessible and affordable over last several years, would become out of reach for our most vulnerable populations- children, seniors, the unemployed, and those with pre-existing health conditions. The decline in compensation for hospitals may lead to rising hospital rates, compounding the unaffordability of urgent and long term medical care. Many of our private practice doctors are also making the difficult decision to limit the insurance carriers they accept, or have even stopped accepting any insurance altogether because of the rising costs and complications with reimbursements. Employers and employees alike may face a substantial increase in costs with changes to the Affordable Care Act, negatively impacting not only access to care, but our economy as a whole. Strategically planning for and proactively addressing possible healthcare reforms is one of my top priorities.