Our Freedom

We reflected with Sebastian and Spencer this Veterans Day weekend about how grateful we are, as we honored our family, friends and neighbors who have served our country. In our own family, we talked about the service of our grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins, and the sacrifices they have made for our country. I think about my grandfather who was in France for the first few years of my father’s life- and my grandmother at home caring for her toddler and trying to make ends meet. I think about the Veterans I’ve met while going door to door- some who have struggled to find work, and others to get the quality and affordable health care they need. I think about the weeks and months on end that families across the country and world are living apart from each other so that my own children can play sports and learn music and go to school. I also think about the courage of everyone who serves our communities- our first responders and so many other “community helpers” in the words of Sebastian and Spencer.

I take very seriously the responsibility that comes with our gifted freedom- not only on Veteran’s Day but every day, and will work as your next State Senator in District 42 to ensure that we support our Veterans and their families. From our family to yours- Thank You All!

Best always,